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Join Scouting Night (JSN) is the the night that we come to visit schools in the area for recruiting new Scouts into the program.  We hope to see you at your School.


Click here or the image above to subscribe to the Crater District Distribution List.


Note: This is a closed group that gives Crater District Members the opportunity to provide you and your family with information on upcoming events.  There are three distribution lists that we use, and you can be added to more than one.  They are the District Committee, Cub Scout Families and Boy Scout Families.  If you subscribe to more than one, you will recieve more than one copy of some emails, as the distribution lists will recieve information as appropriate to the list.


Scouter Training- You can complete some basic training courses online through my.Scouting.  For times of other scheduled training, visit the council website here.


“A week of camp life is worth six months of
theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”

                                        -William D. Boyce