Journey To Excellence

This site shows the status of the Journey to Excellence for the District only.  This page is updated when new information is provided on current statistics.  If there is an area that you think you might be able to help us out in, please contact our District Executive in Contacts Above.

Percentages shown only reflect our status for the achievement of gold in each category.  Some data is contingent on units properly reporting information.  Units can help the district in two ways: reporting information to the council and working to achieve Gold for their Journey to Excellence.  Check news to see hoe earning the journey to excellence can help you.

Congratulations to Crater District on earning the 2016 Gold Journey to Excellence!  We are not waiting on the status of the Golden Saber to see if we have won that for the Council.  More information should be available in the end of January.

Last Updated- 29 March 2017


Journey to Excellence